Medical Minimalism, Restful Reading, and Private (student) Pickup

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to report this week, dear reader. From Tuesday last week, my cold got progressively worse with all the symptoms that you would expect including fever, not being able to breathe very well, and coughing. But the interesting thing about this cold and something I have never experienced before, was a blockage of my right ear that isn’t going away. It is my custom to wait a week before calling the doctor. So yesterday I gave the doctor a call but was not able to actually talk to one. Instead, I got the assistant. It seems that there is nothing they can do for a blockage of the ears except wait for it to pass. I did manage to clear my schedule of everything that caused me to have to talk.

I spent the week reading several books including a book club selection and a couple of other physical books for a book swap. While it was quite a nice restful week, yesterday I actually behaved as if I wasn’t sick and actually got some work done. I’m so behind in my administrative tasks that it feels like I am not going to get out from under all of this at least not for a while.

While I didn’t do much teaching last week, I did pick up a new student this week who is my most consistent student yet. She has purchased 68 hours of my time from now until the end of June. She is a Japanese student who found me online and we had been talking a little bit before I left for the US. We started yesterday and while she is at quite a low level, I think she has the potential for fast improvement. She’s also open to learning in different places so maybe I will do some lessons on the go with her like I do with ShinWei. I also contacted a parent who I had started a conversation with before I left. She has two kids and wants lessons for one possibly both of them full stop as it’s raining I have not heard anything back from her as yet.

I spent part of the weekend preparing for my forthcoming trip to Greece. It’s actually the reason that I called the doctor because I was afraid that with my ear blocked I would not be able to fly. Basically, they told me that I fly at my own risk and they can’t tell me not to. So dear reader, my next post will be coming to you post a glorious Greek weekend where I get to see lots of cats, the Parthenon, and possibly take a day trip to an island.

That’s all she wrote for this Inkreadable installment. But stay tuned. As always, there is more to come.

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