Calm Crossing, Jetlag Jinx, Advertising Anomalies and Flu Felled

Greetings, dear reader, from Amsterdam. The flight back was uneventful, though neither Jasper nor I were able to sleep at all. That is not unusual for either of us as neither of us is able to sleep in planes. I managed to watch a movie and spent the rest of the flight reading. The only problem with the flight was that I lost a brand new battery pack and as of this writing have not heard whether it was found. It’s a little annoying because I spent good money on it. I also lost a charger but I was able to replace that quite quickly on Sunday.

Maybe it’s the fact that we hadn’t traveled for 2 years, but I felt that the jet lag was quite a bit worse this time than previous times coming back from the States. Generally, I can get back into the swing of things in about 3 days but this time that was not to be. On Sunday we ran a couple of errands and I noticed that I was very foggy through most of Sunday. If this is going to be a recurring theme for travel then maybe travel is no longer for me. Jet lag really is the pits.

My last week in the States was pretty uneventful. I hung out with my sister quite a lot and managed to get some things done for my dad which was good. I didn’t do much teaching that last week. I had Odhran, Shinwei, and Isabelle for the English Center. My schedule was full of doctors’ appointments both the dentist and the eye doctor but I had to cancel them as I was felled by the flu. And it wasn’t just me. One of the other teachers at The English Center was also likewise sick. There’s apparently something going around. Sunday into Monday I had a fever of 40 and really was not doing very well yesterday. I did manage to write this blog post, however. The only other thing of interest for the week was that I registered with Google to start advertising Inkreadable to see if I can get some interest and new students. I have decided that I’m going to invest in my business a little bit more this year and see if that helps. It was interesting though because I made the ad and then was promptly put into Google ads jail for unacceptable business practices. I’m not sure what that meant but I did get a chance to resolve it though it took about a day and a half. Since then I haven’t done anything in terms of advertising because I’ve been too sick.

That’s all she wrote for this Inkreadabe installment. But stay tuned. As always, there’s more to come.

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