VIPKid Villainy and Damning Drinks

This week at Inkreadable, dear readers, brought a couple of nasty surprises. Well, only one very nasty surprise, and a case of me running my mouth when I shouldn’t have. We will start, as ever, with life over in VIPKid land.In addition to my dropping bookings, and the fact that the kids in Beijing are going back to school over the next couple of weeks, means that my schedule has more holes than ever. It was also a holiday in China yesterday so my bookings for Monday were sparse indeed. What surprises me about VIPKid is that my weekends are sparse as well. They start out well enough on Saturday filling 12 PM to 3 PM for the frenzy, and then gradually through the week they will drop off. I haven’t had a fully booked 3-hour Saturday in quite a long time. But what’s really surprising is that Sundays I open six hours and only one and a half to two hours have been booking. In the Zoom coffee that I host for VIPKidders around the EU the tune has now changed. Where before everyone was saying their bookings are fine, they’re not so sure of their prospects. I applied to Zebra English with a five minute video but hadn’t heard anything as of yesterday.

But that wasn’t the only kick to the teeth from VIPKid. In December 2019 they started a new pay scale for new teachers whereby they have developed an algorithm that takes away the incentives for participation and finishing classes. Right now I make $11 per class. That is a straight fee. In August, that will change. While I keep my base pay of nine dollars, the incentives go away and you are paid based on how many classes you have worked, and the rate goes up based on a tier system. There is a complicated range that I don’t even understand. But friends of mine have done the math and it seems instead of making more money we will be making less money. I wonder if this is a way for VIPKid to screw over the teachers by keeping their payroll attached to a formula that only they can understand. I also think they’re trying to separate the wheat from the chaff and trying to pay their veteran teachers less. It affects me because I have started working less classes. used to work only VIPKid and was working somewhere between 200-250 classes a month. I now work 150. Given that, that’s going to be a huge pay cut for me. Not that my English language teaching ever made me enough of a living to not rely on income from the US, but now it’s become even worse.

Things are not all copacetic at the English Center either. I really put my foot in it on Friday when we had drinks and said that I was done with online teaching. That it made me tired. I hope that I did not screw myself out of more classes taught online. But one never knows. I’m also not sure whether I should mention it to the owner or not. I am also not sure whether I should mention to my students that there is a course that comes after pre-intermediate English. I am afraid that the company will tell me that I cannot do it or they will tell me that I need to reduce my pay from the group rate to a private rate which is a loss of money, as well as a loss because they may shorten the course from 12 lessons over 6 weeks to 8 lessons over 4 weeks. On Monday, I had class with just the son of the pair as the Dad had to work. What do you do when you have just the kid? Homework, of course! I helped with an English class assignment and we spent the rest of the class playing homograph Go Fish. What’s that, you ask? Simply put you try to match words that sound alike are spelled differently. Once you have a pair, you ask the students to make sentences with the words, after you explain the meaning if they don’t know it. Its a great way to go over easily confused words and also a great way to build vocabulary.

Over in my private client world, things are a bit quiet. My private student has a job assessment and so we will probably not meet this week and her schedule will change as a result of a potential job. But I did help her with the job assessment writing assignment yesterday and I think she’ll do quite well. So I’m waiting to hear about that. Katya’s mom has said she will let me know about lessons for her as I think that it is children’s day in Poland and I think the kid wants Just spend the day doing something fun. If I was her, I certainly wouldn’t want to have to have a class with me. And I realize that it’s not personal. I think on a holiday I would be doing anything other than teaching. Unfortunately, I have no choice. Being self-employed means that if I don’t work I don’t eat.

The fourth critique session went well this week. I gave another couple of chapters and got some very good feedback. I was very surprised that one person said that my action was too slow and the other one said that my action was just right. I feel a little bit like the three bears. I definitely don’t feel like Goldilocks. Still is giving the grist for the mill and the ability to figure out where there might be problems in forthcoming chapters. In other news, we are probably going to meet for drinks on the terrace at our local pub on Thursday. Things in the Netherlands are opening slowly back up and some of the first places opening are bars and restaurants but with limitations. I am very excited to start seeing some of my friends in real life, however.

That’s all she wrote for this Inkreadable installment. But stay tuned. As always, there is more to come.

Polish Power-through and Cancelled Critique

This week at Inkreadable, dear readers,  was an interesting one. In the first place, it was another government holiday in the Netherlands. Of course, I forgot, and so did not open up six hours worth of slots until well after the frenzy for VIPKd. What that meant was that I only taught the 2 1/2 hours that I actually booked. It’s getting a little bit more and more difficult when even your non-short notice bookings are not filling. And then there was the lovely email from VIPKid saying I had been invited to qualify for the Chinese state authorities TEFL certificate along with, I’m sure, 100,000 of my colleagues. While I don’t have a problem with another certification, I do when it is the same certification as my CELTA. In addition, instead of the workaround for taking quizzes at VIPKid  you actually have to go through the material again. Let me explain. In the past, you could take a quiz for a certification for VIPKid and as long as you didn’t  exit out of your answers you could submit and see what you had gotten wrong. Then you could go through and see how many you could get right, and if you did this several times you were guaranteed to pass. Eventually. The same cannot be said of this new certification. We actually have to go through the 20 hours of self paced learning. Also, VIPKid lied. They said it was free. It’s only free if you decide not to pay for a valid certification number that is visible to parents and that you can use with other online companies. I think that’s a rip off. They should have been straightforward and transparant from the beginning. I will likely di it and pay for it as I am afraid that with bookings the way they are, I will need an online gig. And the largest online ESL teaching market is currently China, so I’ma have to suck it up.

Over at the English Center, things turned interesting when I realized that I had gone through two lessons in one day and got through past tenses In a single lesson for my Pre-Intermediate course. That’s never happened before. So I had to scramble to figure out what I was going to teach my students the following week. With Thursday being the aforementioned public holiday I had a week to figure something out.  Anyhoo, I told my class that the following Tuesday would be a review of the future tense and an all tense review and they better get ready. In addition, I gave them enough homework to encompass all of the tenses that we had learned on Tuesday. Let’s see how they do with them and how many mistakes they make. Also, I wonder if I’m up to the challenge of grading so much homework. It has been a bit of a challenge, dear readers, to come up with content and material that is appropriate both for a nine-year-old boy and his 39-year-old father. But I have persevered and as I have both adult friendly and kid friendly items in my repertoire for everything that I’ve taught. It’s been interesting trying to get them to work together to learn English. What’s also a bit surprising is that they are a little bit competitive with each other but it’s a wonderful relationship and we have a lot of fun. As my student said, “we just click”. It’s been really nice seeing students in person and I’m loving getting back to normal at least a little bit.

In terms of my two private clients, Katya and I are firmly working our way through English pronunciation through reading out loud, minimal pairs, Onset and rhyme, tongue twisters and all manner of lovely pronunciation exercises. I think I’ve hit my stride with her, but I think also that at the rate that I charge there isn’t all that much that is expected. What pleasantly surprised me, is that my other Polish student has an English assessment and she has wanted to double our meetings until the assessment which means a little bit of extra money for me and the opportunity to teach some higher order things. For example, last week we spent on the conditionals all of them except zero conditional which are for facts. As a result, we had some really fun times playing games with uncertainty and things we might have done had we known other conditions. I do love advanced students.

As it was a public holiday in Amsterdam, and no one posted anything for the critique group, we took a vacation for Wednesday night. As a result I did absolutely nothing. That isn’t strictly true. I did a little bit of writing of my own and had a great time flushing out a character backstory. While it wasn’t strictly for the novel, it was an interesting exercise in trying to figure something out.

We also had a bit of tech trouble  at my house this week with the Internet falling out during a particularly delicate situation whereby Jasper was attending the video funeral of a family member. I was on a break at the time from VIPKid and the Internet came back just as I was set to go back into class. I got really lucky. We did place a call to the Internet provider and they gave us some suggestions and I’m hopeful that that will resolve the issue. But knowing my luck and my house ,at least as it’s been over the last six months, I’m a little bit jaded by now.

That’s all she wrote for this Inkreadable installment. But stay tuned. As always, there is more to come.

Perfect Pronunciation and (Another) Student Surfeit

This week at Inkreadable, dear readers, proved to be quite interesting on a couple of different levels. You all might not know that I am at time management guru and can pretty much do quite a lot In the space of five minutes. I mean that literally. Working for  VIPKid has taught me that I can do laundry or at least put it in the washer or the dryer in five minutes as well as take a bathroom break and possibly even eat something. What’s the reason for this, you ask? It’s simple. I used to be able to speak my texts into my phone to leave feedback to students and largely do that in the five minutes between my classes. I now type my feedback through the classes and submit it before the class is over and that way I can actually take a five minute break. As a result I can do quite a lot in the five minutes. That time management extends to every part of my life and I’m pretty well able to schedule my week of lessons starting from the Friday before.

Remember when I was having trouble figuring out how to teach pronunciation with Katya last week? My colleague Regina gave me the absolutely wonderful idea of doing a lesson on the schwa sound and it worked really well. Largely because I made funny faces and stuck my tongue out a lot.  In last night’s class, we worked on much and many, as well as countable and uncountable nouns. I know that’s not really pronunciation, but it is a major focus of one of the things that Polish speakers of English do. But I am confident that I can incorporate some pronunciation into the lesson. And since I have incorporated different media into the lesson including a film and games as well as the grammar Katya seems to remain engaged.

With my adult student who is in Poland, I have crafted lessons around the grammar points but I=in the context of different topics that my student enjoys. As they are an hour it’s not terribly difficult to fill them up with different things. I have found a system that works for me and that makes it helpful. And while it’s not the conventional Celta formation of classes, it works just fine. There is a warmer, control practice, and independent study within The lesson. I do try to make it worth the students time and money they pay me. Luckily we have some of the same interests so it’s been interesting crafting  a conditionals lesson through superstitions.

Over in VIPKid land, things are not as wonderful as it seems of the 32 hours that I’m opening I still only get about 18-20.  I got so annoyed about this that I sent them a ticket. The response I got was:

Hi Teacher Katerina,

Thank you so much for your email.

We are sorry to hear that you are also affected with low booking and we understand that you wanted to know why. We truly appreciate your dedication to teach more student. Please keep in mind that having a lot of booking or trial bookings is a parent decision. As we check in your profile, we can see that your account is regular that means nothing wrong with your profile. Your slot are also visible to every students and parents.Please know that most of the student are now returning to school. This cause low booking to most of the teacher. We have taken note of your request to teach more classes.Lets work together to achieved a good booking. We hope this action will help you get more booking and we are excited to see you teaching more classes.If you need assistance do not hesitate to email us and we are more than happy to assist you.

Warm regards,



Thanks for nuthin’ VIPKid. I really wish that VIPKid would freeze teacher hiring and give a chance for their current teachers to see a spike in bookings. I’m not the only one complaining, and as you can see VIP is also aware. In fact, this was a topic and Sunday nights zoom drinks with 7 other VIPKid teachers from across Europe. Those are going well. And they are a lot of fun. We have gotten around the 40 minute zoom rule by simply going back into the meeting and enjoying ourselves for a further 40 minutes. We did that three times which I think is a perfect length for a meeting. 8 to 10 and done. That is Amsterdam time zone otherwise known as central European summertime. Which is actually a big time zone. But still, there were people who could not figure out time zones and so we had a lot of people not able to attend. Facebook indicated that we could set up a meeting without a time zone so that everybody will see the schedule meeting in their own time zone. But I do not know how to do that.

Over at the English Center, I am happily teaching my private clients in the city center and we are maintaining a suitable distance as well as using lots of hand gel and washing our hands a lot. Instead of it being my two real estate guys, it is my one real estate guy and his son. So I’ve had to modify the lessons so that they’re a little bit tailored to both of them. For example last night we talked about prepositions and I got to show some super cool videos and play some games. The games, one a posing game, where one person goes out of the room another person poses and the students write down what they see. They then try to tell the student who was outside the room how to achieve the same pose. Is great with more students but worked ok with just the three of us. “Where is the…” worked in person as well as working online. In it you take an object and put it in different places and have the students explain where they are.

On Friday of last week, I was asked to welcome a fourth student into the PIE class that I’m running. I was excited because that makes an even number of students if she attends.  If so I could have started using the breakout room feature on zoom which I haven’t been able to as yet. But alas, the student opted to wait until the summer to take the course. It’s just as well. I mean she had missed 3 lessons so far.

You remember that I sent an email to my clients in the suburbs in Amsterdam but got no response from either my young man in the north or the one that I teach in Amstelveen about starting classes early. I have reached out multiple times to the young man’s parents, But no response. I’m wondering how much I should push the issue. There is also been no response from the client in Amstelveen and I’m not sure how far to push that either. These are all problems for another day.

That’s all she wrote for this Inkreadable installment. but stay tuned. As always there’s more to come

Class Confirmed and Creative Critique

It was, dear readers, a rather nerve-racking week at Inkreadable. In fact, it was probably more nerve-racking than the previous two weeks where I was waiting to hear about that gig at the conversation playground that never materialized. You see, I had hoped that I would have a class scheduled for the English Center by at least Tuesday evening. But that was not to be. I did not get notification that I was teaching until Wednesday evening. For a Thursday class. All I can say is, thank goodness, that it was a class that I had taught twice before and didn’t have too much preparation to do in terms of each class. What was a little frightening was sending a letter to the students with some useful links and the like as well as procedures, and having one of my students answer that she wanted me to have our first contacts in either Spanish or Dutch. But, it’s an English class I thought. And as I don’t speak either of those languages, either at all in the case of Spanish, or comfortably enough to write in it with any fluency as is the case with Dutch. Still I ran it through a decent translator and sent it off and she seemed to be happy with that. But if you’re going to try and take a language you should try to speak that language is what I think.

There was also good news on the COVID-19 front here in the Netherlands and we are going to start teaching in-person private lessons starting this coming week. I am a little bit concerned as that means that Jasper has a higher chance of issues but I am so sick and tired of being in my house and seeing my in real life students on the computer screen that I am willing to take the chance. These two students are best friends and have been spending time with each other and their families. I think I can safely assume that neither one of them is carrying COVID-19, but will take precautions just in case. We are going to maintain a one and a half meter distance between each other and I’m going to try and teach a class like that. If it doesn’t work we can always go back to the online model if we need to. I also took the precaution of sending a letter to my other student with English Center who I’m supposed to see in September. He might want to start a bit earlier now that we’ve relaxed restrictions and figured I would give him that option if he wants. So it may be that I will be heading out to Amstelveen as well. That’s gonna be a bit of trouble as we’re going to have to start wearing masks On public transport after 1 June and I don’t have one. But there’s no point in worrying about that just now as I haven’t heard whether he wants lessons in person earlier than 1 September.

Remember how I said I wasn’t going to have a problem teaching pronunciation to Katya? I was wrong. While there is a hell of a lot of stuff online about pronunciation, making it engaging for a nine-year-old is extremely difficult. I could feel that she was bored by the end of our first lesson and couldn’t wait to get out of there. And I couldn’t really blame her. I’m going to have to try and figure out how to make pronunciation interesting and relevant online. Because while tongue twisters are fun and they do teach pronunciation they are much more fun in person. Ditto with games. I think I’m going to have to call in reinforcements And really what that means is I’m just gonna call Regina. She also teaches kids nearly full-time and online so maybe she has some ideas.

We had our first critique group on Wednesday evening last week and it went really well. I got some really interesting critique and was happy to give good critique to another member of the group. I got some very interesting feedback about my own writing that I hadn’t considered and would have to possibly change quite a few things to be able to make the writing more fluid. But that’s exactly why I asked for critique. I am not sure that I’m gonna keep all the suggestions but that’s what critique it is isn’t it? It’s a suggestion and the author has to know what critique to save and what critique to let go. After all, a work in progress has to end sometime and you have to be calm enough to know when that is, as well as when to say enough is enough and go ahead and publish. For me it’s a little bit more simple I’m having some trouble writing myself out of a corner and also ending the novel. It doesn’t help that my process is disruptive in this time of COVID-19 and I can’t do any writing in my house. I simply don’t have that discipline.

The loosening of regulations is happening in the Netherlands gradually. Starting this week we are able to go get haircuts, do our nails, go get massages, and go to the library. I suspect that also means that I can go to the bookstore as well. But all of these have population restrictions. We can only be 30 people at a time in any place. But even with that I am extremely excited because it means that I can go do things like get my hair done. I look like a witch. I do not gray well.

That’s all she wrote for this Inkreadable installment. But stay tuned. As always, there is more to come.

Winding down and Ramping Up

This week at Inkreadable dear readers, was fairly quiet. You know from my last post, that VIPKid has been almost nonexistent, at least for me. From five hours a day to less than two. Last week was a hiatus for me with the English Center as they are between group classes and 27 April was a holiday here in the Netherlands. I suspect that most of my Dutch clients were out on a boat somewhere, maintaining a suitable social distance. My other Dutch private client, who I thought I had convinced to try and take an online lesson so that we could finish our 13 lessons in his package, has opted not to. His boss, who is paying for the lesson, feels that online security is not what it should be and is afraid of us taking lessons. I’m fine with that, but I have to ask myself what kind of security does a building corporation need for an English lesson? I mean it’s not as though we were talking about state secrets or even how many bags of cement my client purchases. Oh well, it just means that come September I will have 13 lessons to give, And that means 13 hours of income to look forward to. Still, it was a busy week as for me the week was full of planning for Karolina and Katya.

That’s right. Katya’s mom got back to me and we started pronunciation lessons last night. They went well as I have found many resources online for pronunciation. It’s been a bit of a challenge trying to adapt pronunciation exercises for kids. It involves quite a bit of reading and quite a bit of listening. We have tentatively scheduled eight lessons that will take us through my birthday. We will see if she is able to keep to a schedule. Particularly as she has quite a few commitments of her own. Still, I’m super excited to see her as she is one of my favorite students.

By far the most interesting portion of last week, was the fact that we started a critique group offshoot of the writer’s group online. We are currently five people, and are open to more but I think five is a good number to start with. We are also members of the writing group on Thursday but this will focus on actually reading peoples’ work and talking about it as opposed to what we do on Thursday which is just type together. And drink. There is drinking involved. We spent about an hour and 45 minutes talking about how we want to structure the group. It was a productive session and we decided to model it a bit on both the Washington and Edinburgh groups I that I ran. We are going to read things in advance for now because it’s hard to read out loud online, with the intention of meeting in person at some point when all of this COVID-19 business is at a more manageable level. I am really excited to have my work critiqued, but also have a bit of trepidation as Jasper’s cousin Ilana has already read my submission and has lots and lots of notes she says. Still I have a thick skin and I can handle most things.

That’s all she wrote for this Inkreadable installment. But stay tuned. As always, there is more to come.

VIPKid (And Almost Everything Else) Vacancy

I am not even sure where to start, dear readers. I suppose it’s best to start at the beginning, with the title, which like many things, has a double meaning. The week started off well enough. I finished up with my pre-intermediate class giving my last student her four hours that were owed. I had my second lesson with my student from Poland and she seems to be enjoying the things we are working on. Also, I was excited to see that Katya’s mom might want to start pronunciation lessons with me. Though I’m not sure as she hasn’t gotten back to me as yet about scheduling. But I was really excited to be able to help. I have missed Katya’s exuberance. I think I may have made a bit of a mistake as I mentioned to her mom that I was starting to think that online English platforms were not all that effective as a lot of my level fours and level fives can barely read. I hope she didn’t take that amiss and decides not to have classes with me.

But everything started to go a little pear-shaped late Monday night. You see, dear readers, I forgot to open for the frenzy. Actually, it wasn’t that I forgot. I was waiting to hear about a potential teaching gig that involves a Boot Camp with Dutch kids who want to play games but speak English while doing it. I knew about this potential job about three weeks back. I also knew that there was no guarantee that the work would come through. But I thought that I would be able to not open for the frenzy on Sunday into Monday, and instead open on Monday evening when I knew something and still be fully booked. Nope. Not the case. Never have I seen a sea of blue with so many open slots. I even took the precaution of letting my parents that I have on WeChat know and still nothing. Nothing is a bit of a misnomer. It’s not a complete sea of blue, Out of 34 hours opened, 13 have booked. But still it almost feels like next week is a bit of a vacation for me unless something books short notice. I have learned a lesson here. I cannot afford to keep my slots open after frenzy. They will not book. It’s the age old problem of too many teachers, not enough students and the early bird getting the worm. Which I wasn’t. So we had lots have lots of vacancies on my schedule in the literal sense. As I watched my next week bookings not really increase or stay stable, I started to panic. The panic edged into my weekend and there things really got dicey.

On Saturdays, I have a bit of a routine. I attend a couple of different meetings via Zoom from about 9:30 in the morning until about 11:40 in the morning. This past Saturday, I had accidentally opened up my 11 AM slots to classes and they booked last week. In the middle of this week they opened back up and I closed them so that I could attend my second morning meeting which is optional. But it’s actually a coffee via Zoom with people that I like. So I was pleased to get a bit of social interaction that wasn’t Jasper. Not a problem, I thought. I was going swimmingly on Saturday morning with both meetings attended and enjoyed. And then the shit really hit the fan. I had asked Jasper to look at some technical things that was happening with my computer. And. Forgot. To. Wear. My. Fitbit. Thus, we were blithely going over my tech issues, and I thought that I had until 1 PM which was my first class. It. Wasn’t. I forgot that I had opened up classes at 12, and the first slot from 12 to 1230 booked. At 12:17 I looked at the clock and realized that I was 17 minutes late into my first class. By that time, it was too late and I had already been given a teacher no-show as well as docked by $10. I did send a card to the student and asked about getting a soft or medium cancellation as I was having personal issues. Or at least that’s the reason that I gave VIPKid. I hold very little hope, however that I will get a soft or medium cancellation. It threw the rest of Saturday into a tailspin. I spent the rest of the day discombobulated and unable to concentrate. I got to my other three classes but I do feel that I wasn’t at my best. So we have a schedule vacancy and now a brain one. I was quite happy when Sunday rolled around and I was able get back in the swing of things mostly. I hope that my student, whose name is Ocean, can forgive me. I can content myself that at least they can’t give me a bad review for a course they haven’t taken. But I am heartily tired of blue schedules. I hope this VIPKid vacancy doesn’t last much longer. The vacancy does extend a little bit to the English Center, where I have now finished up with pre-intermediate and have a little bit of a break between I teach the next cycle starting May 7. That vacancy, unlike the brain fart with VIPKid, and the sea of blue that is my current schedule is, thankfully, temporary.

That’s all she wrote for this Inkreadable installment. But stay tuned. As always, there is more to come.

Class Confusion and a Class “Confirmed”

I can categorically say, dear readers, that it has been the week from hell here at Inkreadable. I find that with COVID-19, the days are blending so that I don’t know which way is up. I am also finding that while my work being online is no trouble, my social life is in great difficulty. And by this I mean, not seeing my friends necessarily, but my physical health as I can’t go to the gym. It is troublesome and causing me to forget time.

No where is this more evident then with VIPKid. The students in my classes are starting to feel all alike and all making the same mistakes, from level 2 through level 5. My feedback has no change or interesting content, and I can barely remember the things that I’m doing well in the classroom. It’s fortunate that I’m naturally able to act like an ass for 25 minutes as that seems to be good for my students and I keep getting five Apple reviews as a result. But still, problems are on the horizon as the holes that we are seeing are on the upswing. For example, of the 20 hours that I booked the previous week only 15 of them filled and they slowly dwindled to 10. I have been able to open more hours this week and possibly next week as I am not currently teaching for the English center except for Mondays. I hope that this trend does not continue and I’m able to have some bookings. Particularly week after next where I am not planning on opening anything until sometime later this week.

I will say that my discombobulation has been at its worst and at its height with the English Center. Which brings me to the thought that I hope that nobody there reads this post. But honestly, I would be honest if they did and tell them that the days feel like they are blending together and that every days the same. I don’t think in this situation they will count it against me. But, you never know. With the English Center, the issue has been trying to figure out when in fact my class is ending. I and my students, were under the impression that the class ended for everybody on 23 April. I was wrong. It ended for two of my students on 16 April as they had already had four hours with Regina before they were transferred to me as overflow students. I did contact my boss because I suspected that one of my students would give me push back and be upset that he wasn’t getting the last two lessons. But they aren’t his lessons to receive. They belong only to the student who started with me on 24 February. My boss actually said that I could go ahead and get free lessons to this client if he gave me trouble. So I sent one email saying classes were ending for the two people on the 16th. Then sent an email saying never mind they could take the class. And then sent a third and final email saying that in fact I was wrong and the class was over. I did get an annoyed email from the student, but explained that I was getting information from two different sources and still got a little bit confused. I haven’t heard from him so I’m assuming that he is OK with stopping classes. In the meantime, I have offered to switch the schedule for the last student so that she can start taking the B1 course that Regina and I campaigned so hard for. So it looks like Regina will have at least one of my students, possibly even three. This is my hope anyway. Because we were told that if we did not have five students in the new class it would not go ahead. Fingers crossed that it does.

While all of the group course back-and-forth was going on, I checked my schedule and happened to go too far back in the year and got confused as to whether one of my students had taken a class, canceled the class, canceled on time or canceled late. I decided to leave it alone and not worry about it as it was back in February. I’m going to have to figure out how many classes he is owed once we start meeting again. We literally haven’t met since 9 March. Or possibly the 16th. Who remembers now. See what I mean about the days are blending together?

Which brings us to the second part of my title today. Confirmed is in quotation marks because while I was perusing that self same calendar and getting confused with my student, I noticed that I had been scheduled for a pre-intermediate English class that starts on May 7. But confirmed needs to be in quotes because as of last week there was still only one person interested in the class. If we keep to the model of five students make a class, they are 80% short. Fingers crossed that this also goes through and that I do have a class on 7 May. It will solve a couple of problems for me. In the first place, I got another class to teach which is always good cause I can always use the hours,the practice, and n the money. It will also allow me to give a more consistent schedule to VIPKid when I open the same slots that I have been opening essentially since January. Fingers crossed that that kicks off as well and then I have a little less VIPKid and a little bit more normal adult interaction.

That’s all she wrote for this Inkreadable installment. But stay tuned. As always, there is more to come.