Internet Isolation and workable writing

This week at Inkreadable was one of intermittent isolation. I said intermittent, because while I spent most of last week alone, Jasper was with me for two days. We seem to have resolved at least one Internet issue by switching to Ziggo. A couple of years ago when I had Ziggo, Jasper would walk into my house and the internet fall out. That does not seem to be happening this year. We are both able to teach and work using the same signal and it doesn’t seem to be particularly unstable. Fingers crossed that it stays that way.

The isolation, however, is starting to get to even me. I did not realize how much I relished going to do my non-online things every week. That includes my trip out to Amstelveen to see my one student there, as well as my walk across the park to teach my Dutch guys. It’s just not the same online. With my Dutch guys it doesn’t help that I have only seen one of them and his son. The other one seems to be too busy to come to class as he is severely affected by the current crisis. His main source of income is wholesale food real estate. And it is not a good time to be in food right now. It seems that rent forgiveness is much more of a problem in the food wholesale business then is in the residential sector. I have been enjoying the substitution of my other students nine-year-old son. He and I have been having a good time exploring the different online games that one can learn English with. It’s also been an eye-opener for me because I can use it with other students.

This week marked the beginning of the April camp Nanowrimo and I’m happy to report that I am hitting my goals for the camp. They are as follows: I am hoping to do some serious editing of the current phase of the novel, but also trying to write myself out of a corner. I seem to have a really hard time coming up with new and fresh ideas for the book. So I set myself mini goals every day. Currently it’s 500 words each day and 20 minutes of editing. I’ve been able to make that happen. So the writing really is workable.

The current news regarding the Netherlands and its response to COVID-19, is that we are going to be in isolation for another month at least. That means that the isolation isn’t going to end anytime soon and I’m only hopeful that I’ll have stuff to post over the next couple of weeks. But you might see a shortening of my posts as a result.

That’s all she wrote for this Inkreadable installment. But stay tuned. As always, there is more to come.

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