Class Convincing and Nanonuthin’

Well, dear reader, it was fun while it lasted. This week is the penultimate week of my pre-intermediate English overflow class. I’m not sure if you remember how I started teaching this class, but it seemed that they had a waiting list for pre-intermediate English and they felt they had enough people to have a second pre-intermediate class for the session. Which is how I got it. Another teacher, we’ll call her Regina, who I am friends with, has the original session. It was natural For the two of us to be at the forefront of training other teachers who don’t have as much experience teaching online. She has been teaching with SayABC for a year and of course I have been with VIPkid and teaching on my own for the last three years. But Regina is, on some level much more enterprising than I am. She has approached TEC and told them that her students want to continue with her. She was kind enough to tell me that she had done that and so I also approached my students. They have also said that they want to stay together and with me as their teacher, but TEC has told us that we must have five people minimum to be able to continue with the second pre-intermediate class. So I spent this weekend reaching out to former students trying to drum up more business. As of This writing, I have heard from only one of my Amstelveen students that I wrote and he can’t take a class. I also have a dilemma. I have many students that I have taught online in different countries. Do I tell them about the online classes for English center? And try to convince them to come into my class? Or do I leave them for myself because they may just come back to me. On the one hand I could probably teach the pre-intermediate class by convincing former students to come in, but on the other hand I would never be able to teach them again in private. Also, I have a new student of my own who I’m teaching online. She’s in Poland and wants high level conversational help and business level English.

I have found, dear reader, that my wish to write for camp Nanowrimo have fallen by the wayside. I am just not good at writing by myself. It seems that part of my process is hanging out with my friends at the bookstore and getting work done. I had not realize that part of my process is actually writing with people. I am much more productive in their company. And it isn’t that I have decided not to write at all, but it takes a lot more work to write on my own. Another change in the Writers group, is that we have started talking about doing a critique group at first online, and then in person possibly, once we are able to get together. I kind of feel that I want it to be on a night other than Thursday so that we don’t mess with the Thursday group.

That’s all she wrote for this Inkreadable installment. I’m sorry that it’s so short. But stay tuned. As always, there is more to come.

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