WiFi Working and (another) TEC TPD

When last we left off, dear readers, incredibles world was the furthest thing from. The Wi-Fi at my house has been on the fritz for three weeks. And as of the last writing I had yet to see any solutions from KPN. I walked into my house however in the afternoon last Tuesday to find that Jasper was just finishing up with the technician. Apparently the box where my Wi-Fi comes into the house is older than God. It is from the timeWhen the Post telephone and telegraph we’re together and owned by the government. Given that it’s that old is it any wonder that there were problems with the Wi-Fi. The Raiders part of my brain isn’t buying it however. Why would I have had almost no problems with KP in for over a year and then all of a sudden everything went to hell? I suppose that is a question that will be an unsolved mystery in my head for all time.

I have been able to teach up until yesterday with no issues. The next time I teach will be 10 March as I have a bunch of stuff coming up where I have to leave my days free. By far the most interesting is the McMillan learning conference in Utrecht. I’m always excited to learn about new techniques for teaching English. I also find that other teachers are appreciative because I readily share my tips even if they don’t teach English. Because teaching language, any language, is the same. What will work for one language will probably work for another teaching wise. That’s not to say that the grammar is the same or anything like that but simply that the techniques that are used in one language like games or diagramming or Reading comprehension Won’t be taught in exactly the same way in every language.

And speaking of conferences, we had another English Center teacher professional day on Friday. This one focused on group classes only. Which was great because I learned about some things that I did not realize. Like for instance the reason that I couldn’t see what some of my students have been seeing in English central which is an absolutely fabulous English language teaching program, is that I wasn’t given access as a teacher. I do the sent an email to my boss. And I hope that gets rectified kind of soon because it’s a fabulous program to be able to use in a classroom and outside the classroom.

This evening it’s off to north for me. Deepest darkest north a.k.a. where Jasper lives is a place I haven’t been since I moved into the city in 2017. OK, I’m lying, I met a teacher who lives in North and we had coffee there. But other than that I don’t venture into north if I can help it. It will be interesting to see if I can get to the place that I want to go which is called Paradise Appleway, a literal translation from the Dutch. Someone really liked Christian mythology it seems. I wonder if there will be a serpent Lane, a garden of Eden Street, or a flaming sword Boulevard? Just saying. I’m a little nervous because they’ve already canceled once. And you all remember what happened with Carlton in Belton filtered. I do not want a repeat of that situation. It is not worth my time. Fingers crossed that everything turns out OK. And that I don’t have to deal with 20 minute cancellations.

That’s all she wrote for this incredible installment. But stay tuned. As always there is more to come.

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