WiFi What?

It has been, Dear reader, The week from hell. My Internet crapped out on me on Sunday evening in advance of a full week of teaching for VIP kid, which I haven’t done in quite a While. In fact, I don’t think I had done a full week of VIP kid teaching in Over a year. What with Felix And Carlton, not to mention the English center, I had been able to take Sundays off. That ship is currently foundering off the coast of I have no time. Perhaps when I am able to have another private clients, I can potential he go back to not working on Sundays.

Anyway, my friends in the center of town came through and I have been going to their house at 7:30 every morning to teach from Monday to Friday. But in the meantime, I received a new modem on Wednesday afternoon that I went home to install to see if I didn’t need to teach at their house on Thursday and Friday. And that’s where things get very very interesting. Here is how I understand Internet And networks: when you get a ne router, that router has a number. That number appears in your list of available networks and you connect to it using the WPA password that is on the router box. When you go into your admin settings and you can change the account name to whatever you would like. At least that’s what I thought.

On Wednesday afternoon, I raced out of my friends house to go pick up the router at the pick up point, because of course, Judge ingenuity being what it is, they wouldn’t send it directly to my house where it was needed. instead I had to go pick it up at the post office. I also sent the old router back to KPN. I got back to me 20 minutes later and took it out of the box installed it in exactly the same way as My previous one had been installed. Write down to not taking the DSL cable out of the wall. I fired up the modem and for an instant there was hope.

Hallelujah, I was able to see the new Network. And then my heart sing. For 20 seconds later the new Network disappeared, and all I was able to see it was the two old networks that bear my last name. The good news is that I am able to connect to the Wi-Fi old network Which means that I actually have Internet in the house, but the bad news is that it’s the old network that was iffy and so I didn’t wanna take the chance that I would spend Thursday and Friday teaching and have the network Fall out on me while I was teaching for six hours. So I had to go back and disrupt my very good friends lives for another two days.

Here’s where I have a real problem, Dear reader. Given what I know about how the Internet and network connect in the house, it should not be possible for me to see my old networks connected to my new modem. Am I crazy? Am I seeing something incorrect? Does your old network in fact still exist even after the The router it was attached to is out of your house? So I called K p.m. And they said do a hard reset which I deleted and no joy. It was time to call and smarter reinforcements and K p.m. On Saturday Jasper came over.

What he found surprised even him. It was indeed possible for KPN to store information about networks on their servers so that random modems could pick up signals. What that means as well is that when you do a hard reset you have no password for a time and anyone can get into your system and hack you. It turns out Jasper’s presence in my house was going to prove very lucky indeed. I was quite happily teaching on Sunday using ethernet cable when all of a sudden my Internet went down again. I was not able to connect via mobile hotspot fast enough to get into my class and so lost Hey Ann got dinged with a teacher IT. Never good in VIP kid land.

That’s all she wrote for this incredible installment. But stay tuned. As always there is more to come

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