Schedule Shifts and Writing Woes

I have been back from Greece for nearly a week and I can’t say that I have settled into a routine. Because we’re traveling in less than a week it feels like the last couple of weeks have been rather surreal. It hasn’t helped that I’m not able to control what happens on my schedule currently. It had been set before I left for Greece but as with most business people, a few of my clients have had to cancel our lessons. One of them was Yana. We were supposed to meet on Thursday but she was called into a business meeting and so she could not meet. That meant that I had to find her a substitute for her final lesson in the package as she did not want to do a double lesson on the weekend. Luckily I was able to do that because Emily, the teacher who helped me out on November 26 was available on December 17th so I went ahead and booked a room. So it worked out, but not without consequences for me. Because of course, it is a financial loss. But since I tend to be really optimistic about teaching, something else will come up, and the bright side was that I got to go to my writer’s group on Thursday. I didn’t have any of my clients for English Center with the exception of my pronunciation client who I saw while in Greece because it was an online lesson. Our final lesson will be in person later today. I am going to miss our lessons because he’s quite a nice student. He really does listen to the advice that I give. Our final lesson is going to be spent going over pronunciation mistakes that specifically Dutch people make because up until now we’ve been trying to isolate and get him to say the th sound both voiced and unvoiced. Accordingly, I prepared the lesson over the weekend for him with all of the mistakes that Dutch people tend to make including some incorrect word used mistakes which he doesn’t tend to do but I have to fill up an hour and a half with him anyway. Isabelle and I are going to meet on Thursday this week as I have a book club tonight. And I haven’t had Slava in what seems like a million years but has really only been about 3-weeks. We met last night and worked on expressing the time and expressions with time as well as higher-order numbers. I am sharing him with another teacher, and sometimes that can be difficult, but it’s nice when you’re given concrete things to work on. It makes lesson planning much easier.

In my private client world, it’s been almost dead. While I was in Greece I didn’t have anyone on my schedule. But once I got back I made sure to schedule Shinwei on Friday and then with my kids from China on Sunday as per usual. This week I am meeting with Odhran twice to make up for the loss from last week. These are fairly easy classes to prep for. With Shinwei we’re working on wine terms. With Odhan we’re working on functional phrases in Greek that he can use when we go to Greece in January.

What wasn’t great this week was my Writer’s group as I actually had to prep a lesson so I wasn’t doing any writing of my own. And I don’t like when that happens. It gets very frustrating because Thursdays are kind of sacred and when I have to give them up for students it really messes with my week. It is especially difficult now as I will be away starting next week in the US and so won’t be attending any meetings at all. So I would have liked to connect with my characters before being in the US and not really being able to write. Maybe I’ll get a chance to write while I am in the US. But I think that is a bit too much optimism.

That’s all she wrote for this Inkreadable installment. But stay tuned. As always, there is more to come.

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