Pernicious Puzzles

A very happy new year, dear reader’s! I hope that your New Year’s celebrations have less fireworks than mine will likely have this evening. Thankfully it was a very uneventful trip back to Amsterdam, I did a lot of reading. The last few days in DC We are quite busy with Trying to see friends, and not being very successful as I was spending a lot of time with my dad and my sister.

Christmas this year was quiet. It was an intimate celebration with several family members and numbered only 13 people. Which for a Greek family is unusual. We usually number at least double that if not triple. After Christmas, things started to heat up significantly. In the first place I had to deal with the heater and boiler In my apartment in Amsterdam as they quit working. Luckily friends of mine were in the apartment and let me know so that I was able to get my landlord involved and ultimately get it fixed. As my friend said “At least you’ll come home to a warm house”. And she’s right. But I may also come back to a very high Utility bill.

The title for this weeks Post is coming from the fact that it was really difficult trying to pack all the stuff that I wanted to take with me and ensure that none of it came back broken. At the time of this post, I still have not opened up my suitcase to see what survived. But the shear engineering it took my dad trying to fit each glass piece into the suitcase so they didn’t move and was adequately covered was a sight to behold. I also was trying to figure out if I should separate out the pieces that I really wanted to keep unscathed and Hand carry them. In the end we compromised and split the clothes between all of the suitcases as well as the things we were taking back with us. I will probably unpack sometime later today.

As of this writing I am probably sleeping and this is published while I was snoring away. Once again, I wish you all a happy new year and will “see” you on 6 January.

That’s all she wrote for this incredible installment. But stay tuned. As always, there is more to come.

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