Computer Kaput 2: Apple Antagonism And some teaching tidbits

I’m probably going to piss off a few of my readers. Sorry, dear readers, I am done with Apple. 10 days ago I took my Apple to Apple Amsterdam to be repaired because my back USB 3 port wasn’t working. They told me I would get a call when the computer was fixed and as I was under Apple “care” it would be covered. I did indeed get a call on Tuesday and was really excited. Of course, I couldn’t answer the phone when they called because I was teaching for VIPKid. And in VIPKid world answering the phone and getting off camera is a no-no. Well, unless you’re teaching the word “hide”. Not only was my computer not ready, But Apple told me that they had found liquid damage. This is absolutely impossible because I’m very careful with my Apple. I’m actually very careful with most of my stuff. And while I do drink water and tea through the day, I have not spilled on this most recent laptop. I will admit to spilling liquid on my previous laptop (also a Mac) and going and running out and buying a new one. Namely, the current one. They quoted me a price of €1100 to fix the Mac. At those prices, I might as well buy a new computer. It’s definitely not going to be an Apple. The two things I love about Apple the most are the fact that it’s very thin and light, and also the screen resolution. I’m pretty sure, however, that there are other companies out there who use Apple’s design specs and that I’ll be able to find a non-Apple computer. Am I a little scared about going back to being a Windows user? Sure. I find them less intuitive on some levels than Apple. For instance, in iOS I can organize my lessons in folders and have all the stuff in the folders automatically. In windows it’s a two-step process. But I’m sure I will get used to this. Having trolled the Internet for common problems having to do with Apple, I see that people complain that Apple uses liquid damage as an excuse to get out of fixing computers all the time.

I also did not like the tech’s attitude over the phone. His “you need a new computer. Because I wouldn’t fix at this price and I don’t care what you get” condescension really annoyed me. I asked him to send me a picture of the liquid damage which I sent over to Jasper who said there was a bit of liquid damage but nothing requiring €1100 of care. So I went to Apple on Saturday and picked up my computer. I then went to another repair shop and opened up the computer and there was no liquid damage on the motherboard. There may be liquid damage on the bottom of the computer, but I think that Apple is lying. I think they “fixed” my computer with substandard parts in December and are lying. Jasper and I talked it over and we are going to go back to Apple and have them show us the liquid damage as they could have taken a picture of someone else’s computer.

I have been trolling the internet as well for the best laptops on the market. Not. Apple. I am grateful to my readers if they want to leave me suggestions in the comments. I am leaning towards a Huawei Matebook but as I have a backup computer There isn’t any rush, really. I will say that my back up computer, which is an HP, works well enough even if the resolution is a little bit funny. When I’m in the VIPKid classroom everything looks blurry.

In teaching news, I finally saw Carlton last week and will see him later this evening. We are changing tacks again and going to be studying writing. To that end, I spent last weekend finding new things to do with him. We read about the Great Fire of London and he seems to answer my comprehension questions well. In true boy fashion, he was very intrigued by the idea of a big fire. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so engaged. So if I can find mayhem and destruction to teach him writing that’s what I’m gonna do. My classes with Felix continue to be very good even if we’re only working for four hours a week. And last night I met my two new students from the English Center and it looks like that’s going to be conversational as well. My student on Sunday was an in advance no-show as she has chickenpox. I can’t imagine what it is like to have chickenpox as an adult as I have never had it neither as a child nor as an adult. My mom did and I seem to remember her suffering quite a lot. I hope my student is right as rain next Sunday.

That’s all she wrote for this Inkreadable installment. But stay tuned. As always, there is more to come.

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