Training Triumph, Sayonara Student, and and a Writing (Teaching) Wrinkle

Let’s face it, dear reader, teaching EFL is not the most exciting profession in the world. It’s not as if we save a life or get to send a rocket into space but it has its moments. While it was still a quiet week in terms of teaching ka I started my admin duties with the English manager and have established a bit of a ribbon with them as well. The truetest will be later today when I actually have to follow up the emails that I sent out last week with phone calls to try and convince people to actually book lessons with the English Centre. When I talk to Brenda and Carry of the English Centre on Wednesday last week I was very clear that if I had been a good salesperson my own business would be a lot bigger than it actually is. After all 6 points isn’t that money and as half of them are rather low paying it can be argued that the business is not very successful it up. Especially when you compare it to a business like the English Centre which seems to have clients looking at their website quite a lot. Discover that that takes quite a bit of money. I was given a clue as to how much that actually cost when I was sitting and listening to between the English Centre and hubspot who run their content management system. Still as most of the communications are by email and there are templates it’s not a lot of actual writing. There is the possibility that I will get more admin work overtime but you’re right now now karma the amount of work that I have is just fine.

I am teaching barebones classes for the English centre right now although that is shortly to change. I finished up with UCAS yesterday and we have agreed to at least keep in touch. English has improved quite a lot as she is able to hold a conversation which she wasn’t able to do at the beginning of the package. It helps that she is an active participant in her learning and she tries to go and apply what she’s learnt in conversation quite regularly I am going to miss our lessons but I’m quite pleased with her willingness to be proactive. I see Isabelle later this evening I have actually assigned her Tuesday evenings. It works out because I’m Mondays and Wednesdays I have a class from 7 to 9 with a new student starting next week full stop that’s a 20 hour package that might renew full stop it is unfortunately hybrid online in-person lesson which I don’t love full song he might be a bit of a challenge as well because he is low-level beginning student and that is never easy. While I find low level students willing to show the motivation in class the same cannot be said for outside of the class I am not sure he is going to put into practise the things that he’s learning like Yuka does. I am also waiting to hear along with two other teachers about yourself a student that we were supposed to coat eat on a semi-intensive basis over the last 3 weeks. Unfortunately that schedule was pushed back by a week because he can’t covered.

I in my private client world things are on a slow burn. On Thursday my total student was a new show. The Works genuine circumstances but he did say that he would produce another lesson. He is doing quite well and he is actually doing the homework that I assign. Guess from school in the US is another motivation to keep working. George and Gerry have cut down to an hour week andorran is just a half an hour currently. Bellini and I see each other later this morning and she has decided to buy another 5 hours which is great. Anyway is back in person as he has returned to the Netherlands and we are meeting this Sunday since I have guests in town from Wednesday through Saturday. My father biggest challenge is still summer. She does not need help with particularly and she gets upset when I don’t edit her papers enough but I told her clearly that what she needs is to be a bit more confident about her on raining I said I’m not going to correct when there is no mistake I told her also that she needs to bring me a writing symbol each class so that I have something that I can work off of because teaching her grandma doesn’t really do much for her. She doesn’t make grammatical mistakes. So it’s a better strategy for her to bring me a report and I give her suggestions for other vocabulary and sentence structures. I have a feeling that she won’t come back after this package is done. But we’ll see.

That’d all she wrote for this Inkreadable Installment. But stay tuned. As always, there is more to come.

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