Conversation Continuation and a Power Punch

Greetings, once again, dear reader, from glorious Greece. The weather continues to be balmy but this week we are expecting some rain. Which believe it or not, I am actually excited about. In the Netherlands, specifically in Amsterdam, I’m not as excited about the rain because it’s not as dramatic and we’re not as close to the sea so you can’t see the shifting colors from blue to gray to pewter and back again. But at my sister’s house where I have an unobstructed view of the water, it truly is an amazing sight.

Jasper left yesterday and I had scheduled classes for later today. But my schedule’s been pretty light because I’ve only been doing my English Center clients as well as Karolina. George and Jerry are in school mode and so we decided that we would start with them today. Karolina and I have changed our schedule so that we meet on a Thursday evening while she is in Finland. So that’ll be until December. I am mulling over the idea of giving all of my students a tour of Chaniá as their lesson, but am not sure that George and Jerry would be interested. Two of my adult students have agreed to it and so that makes it easy for later today. I will be out and about from 6 PM my time to 8 PM. Hopefully that will not disrupt my sister and her schedule very much.

It looks like I will be teaching on Monday afternoons at The Conversation Playground starting on 27 September. This time I will not be teaching at the Karel Eyckman school, instead I will be at the Piet Hein school which is a little bit better connected to transport. It’s not too far from the main bus station in Amstelveen. That will last until 22 November which puts me just in line to be able to go to the US. I was also rather gratified to learn that the students at Carol Eyckman have been asking about me so hopefully I’ll be able to link up with them when I get back to the Netherlands in a couple of weeks.

Unfortunately VIPKid will not be an option while I am in Greece as we’ve had two unexpected power outages in my sister’s neighborhood and I don’t want to take the chance that there will be a power outage while I am teaching. At least with the English center and my private students I won’t get charged and can explain. But over at VIPKid there is no such luxury. And peaking of, the student whose mother gave me a bad review reached out and apologized. I am not sure that anything is going to come of it but I feel better knowing that I was able to state my case to someone.

I am still coordinating the writers’ group from a distance and has worked out so far. They have been meeting at the Vondelkerk. I am not sure what is happening for this week but it’s been pretty easy trying to coordinate with Elizabeth and Mark. Luckily there’s only two more Thursdays that I need to worry about. And on the 23rd I will host at my house.

That’s all she wrote for this Inkreadable installment. Stay tuned. As always, there is more to come.

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