Communication Concerns and a Writing Return

 Sometimes, dear reader, despite your best efforts it just isn’t possible to manage your time. But, sometimes it’s out of your control. Such was the case this week when I got a call from English Center saying that they wanted to run the Pre-intermediate English class starting on Thursday last week. The problem is that I had already opened my VIPKid schedule to bookings because I thought that they weren’t currently running PIE. It seems, that I need a little bit more notice than three days. In fact, I need about two weeks. Because failing all else, as bad as my bookings on VIPKid are, At least I get bookings. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. I learned, however that I need to be better about looking at the English Center website for the dates of classes so that I can close off those slots to VIPKid in advance. Because the money I make in two hours doing a class is much better than what I make with VIPKid.

In other teaching news, I was hopeful for a new private client of my own, but that alas did not materialize into anything. After a second email from the student asking whether I would be available to meet this past week, I have heard nothing. Maybe she has found a cheaper way to learn English. That’s the nature of the business, I’m afraid and at least I still have two sets of private clients for English and one for Greek. Over at the English Center, I also have a returning student in the form of Sander and a new student who is testing my level of academic English skill. I am meeting with her online on Fridays from this past Friday through 29 January. Excluding of course Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. They both fall on Fridays this year.

Over in the writing world, we not only have been doing Nanowrimo on the weekends, but now we’ve gone back to our Thursday night writing group, this time an online edition. And that seems to be working quite well. We only had three people attend on Thursday but I am hopeful that there will be more as people find the time. I got a bit of writing done and I also submitted the next part of my novel for critique to the critique group that meets on Wednesday. I was quite pleased with my efforts.

That’s all she wrote for this Inkreadable  installment. But stay tuned. As always, there is more to come.

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