Conscious Collaboration and IELTS Introduction

This week at Inkreadable, dear reader,  was an exercise in learning how to work with other people. It’s not that I didn’t know how to do that already, in my previous life I managed a restaurant, and also worked as an accountant both of which are much more collaborative than what I do now. Being an online English teacher, doesn’t give you much opportunity for collaborative working, and I was surprised to find out that neither does teaching in person. At least not unless you have split the work between several different teachers. Such was the case with the English Center and a student that wants a 20 hour intensive over five days that will start this week. To that end, on Friday morning, I woke up early so that I could plan the lesson and send It to the other teachers one of whom is Regina and the other is Beatrix. I have not worked with Beatrix before so as we are taking the majority of the classes, with Regina only picking up four hours of the twenty, it’ll be interesting to see what kinds of things she teaches the student and how I can pick up and teach from where each of them leave of, so that we collectively offer a streamlined and smooth experience for the student. I am his first teacher and his last teacher so the Inn between will be interesting.

In other teaching news, I have been teaching a young woman and helping her with the IELTS exam. This was my first real exposure to the IETS, which is an English competency exam given in association with Cambridge English. Therefore I did not expect it to be easy. And it isn’t. If my Celta was anything to go by it’s quite a rigorous exam. But as fate would have it I was the teacher who helped her not be stressed out about the reading portion of the exam. This is work that I’m doing for free, and I have given her two extra hours this week and will probably give her three hours leading up to the exam. Which she takes next week. But as fate would have it, this too would prove fortuitous. Last night I met with a woman who is also taking the exam and so I was able to give her my thoughts and expertise and able to work through it because I already had some experience. Everything truly does happen for a reason.

In personal news, I had my MRI and I am waiting to meet with the neurologist to go over the results. In the meantime things remain as the status quo and I continue to feel pins and needles in my feet. Things came to a head when I went to The Hague to pick up my passport on Thursday as I fell because I couldn’t feel the pavement change. I did not get hurt but I am discovering that every time I fall it becomes more and more difficult to bounce back from it.

In the meantime, here in the Netherlands we have severe restrictions and have gone into a slightly more rigorous lockdown than the previous one. But it’s still not as rigorous as one would like. You can still go to the grocery stores, and you have to wear masks in indoor spaces. But it’s nothing like the lockdown in other places where you have to prove that you’re going to the grocery store and can go out.  such was the case with the first wave of lock down in Crete where my sister lives. I’m not sure they’re doing the same thing now but this summer, and the wish to try and have tourism open up again, really backfired. So that means that the writers group will not meet for quite a while, and we’re trying to figure out how to handle November. It is Nanowrimo and most of us want to participate in some form or another so we are thinking to take word sprints and word wars online. We will have to see how all of that works out.

I am still planning on taking the weekend before election day off as well as election day but it looks like it’s going to be a staycation as travel is extremely difficult and they’re asking people to stay home. In other election news, I sent my ballot on 21 September and the Dutch Postal Service has lost track of it. At this point I can only hope that it gets where it needs to go so that my vote can be cast.

That’s all she wrote for this Inkreadable installment. But stay tuned. As always, there is more to come.

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