Bullet Bitten

It has been, dear readers,  a rather emotional week at Inkreadable. It’s also been a week of decision making. This week marked the last week for my pre-intermediate English class for the session that started in May. I had hoped to be able to continue with my ladies on 7 July, but alas it is not to be. While one of them wanted to continue the others were not able to convince their parents to fund their continuing studies at the moment. I am however, hopeful that I will get a chance to see them sometime soon. We have promised to stay in touch, and in fact I woke up on Friday morning two lovely messages of thanks and praise from my students. It’s always nice when their interested in learning and motivated. I do not find that to be the same for teaching children. I often find that parents expect us to be Harvard educated English teachers, while expecting their children to be fully fluent in English by the second class with you. The reality is that we are a little more than glorified babysitters most of the time. And before the teachers that read my blog jump on me either on social media or in person, I do recognize that is not the case with everyone. I have some wonderful students. I was absolutely gutted to find out that I would be having my last class ever with my beloved Evan this coming week. He has aged out of the program and can go no further with VIPKid. Luckily I have him on WeChat, and we have decided that we will certainly keep in touch.

It wasn’t all sadness, however, dear readers. I was very excited to be contacted by Felix and he would like to take classes with me to begin online twice a week and then to move in real life. I couldn’t be happier because maybe I can start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with working weekends or at least working seven days a week. Remember, dear readers,  when I told you about trying out something new with my ladies for their last class. I actually played a game with them and it worked a treat. I highly recommend question games where you turn it into a board game. It will definitely be something that I will use in both the in person and online classroom from now on. Thank you so much Regina for all the help.

Remember also when I said that Monday was going to be my heaviest day? I was right in that it was, but also that I could not handle it with Karolina and Katya. Last week therefore I moved Karolina to Tuesday evenings. What that did was free up Monday night for Felix so it’s still going to be my heaviest day. I hope that I can handle it. I wasn’t able to last week I’m not sure what makes me think that I’ll be able to handle it this week. As ever dear readers, I will keep you posted.

Lastly, dear readers over in VIP kid land lots of supplemental certifications came up and I certified for almost  all of them as well as putting trials back on my schedule. That’s right, that is the origin of this weeks title. I did indeed bite that particular bullet. Let’s see if my schedule actually fills up. As an experiment I opened up 22 June from 9 AM until 4 PM to see if I can get any trials either with short notice or without it. Fingers crossed that I’m able to remember how to act like enough of an ass to convince the parents to sign with the company. I hated it when I was doing it and I’m not so sure that I’m gonna like it now. But needs must. With this too I will keep you posted.

That’s all she wrote for this Inkreadable installment. But stay tuned. As always, there is more to come.

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