Online Unlucky and a Class Caught

Well, do your readers, it has finally happened. I have become one of those VIP kid teachers who complains about low bookings. Since my return from the United States I have been averaging four classes a day.I never thought that I would get to the place where there weren’t enough students for me. If you look at my schedule, there are a ton of interested students for nearly every slot from about 9:30 AM straight through to 2 PM. Which is interesting because not all of those ever book even though they’re interested students. What does interested student mean you ask? The answer to that is I have no idea. A few days this past week it’s Been a trial to get out of bed just for one class. And then I’ve had these long hour and a half to two hour breaks in between classes. You all know that I’m a hell of a time manager and so I have use the time to do other things. Like prepare for other classes.

I’m not sure if I wrote that I actually got the pre-intermediate English class starting on 21 January. Because I’m going to be in Greece on that day and I only get back on the 22nd a colleague has agreed to take the class for me. I have been using the inordinately long breaks between VIP kid classes to actually prep for this class that starts for me on 23 January. I’ve Also done some work on my website. I’m wondering, dear readers, if I will lose you if I combined the blog with the website itself. I have been enjoying your reading of the blog and the fact that some of you sometimes like it. Come February I will only be able to get VIP kid Wednesdays Fridays and Sundays. I suspect as a result that my bookings are going to continue to be low But let’s hope that they’re not as lowest they’ve been in advance of Chinese new year. Speaking of, despite my reservations regarding the fireworks last post, I have decided to go to the Chinese new year celebrations here in Amsterdam. And we’re making it a VIP kid EU ex-pats meet up.

What’s the VIP could you ask Pat to ask? They are the Facebook group that I’ve been running for three years for people to work for VIP kid who live in the EU. There are quite a lot of us. We have 700 members in the group. And while that is small in comparison to the 90,000 teachers that VIP kid employees, it’s kind of big for me I did not realize that we were that many people in the EU. We are quite the crew, and we don’t have nearly the drama of the big groups online that have to do with VIP kid. We are fairly copacetic about working for VIP kid, most of us are not #Blessed that we found this job. Sure we like teaching and we’re grateful for work but we don’t think the VIP kid is the end-all be-all of teaching. Some of us split our time between in real life schools or private clients and VIP kid, and some of us split our time between different online schools. So I’m in great company really regarding time management. I’m pretty sure several of the people in my Facebook group could run circles around me in that area.

Next Tuesday’s post will be Coming to you from Greece, where I will Have been for a week celebrating my brother-in-law’s birthday, meeting my new nephew, and generally living it up on the possibly not so sunny island of Crete. I’ve never spent winter in Crete and so I’m looking forward to it.

That’s all she wrote for this incredible installment. But stay tuned. As always there’s more to come.

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