Classroom Clinched

It seems, dear reader is, that I have a tendency to make mountains out of mole hills. Or at least that’s how it felt this past weekend incredible. My real estate guys have been back on my schedule since September and we have been having A great time with that. They are two of the most laid-back men I’ve ever met. It makes it really easy because they’re always willing to learn something new. And they don’t have a problem when you go over something that they might not understand. To that end I actually tested them on their grammar and have isolated their problems and we’re going to go through them and try to fix the problems over the next few lessons.

This past Wednesday marked the first time that I will have been in a proper classroom with more than one or two students Since I actually did my certificate of English language teaching two adults or CELTA. You might remember if you’ve been with me long enough that Wrote a post about the Selter when I Re-started this blog. But, I have a confession to make. This “class” was only three students. And they comprised my niche market. My niche market is older men. One of them was not oldet The other two were and I find that I get a long really well with men who are significantly older than me. I find them to be much more receptive to learning and much more receptive to conversation. They also like some of the bravado of younger students. Teaching these three men was easy and the two hours passed Very quickly. It also helps that I’m a little bit self deprecating and was able to use myself and my fears as a teaching tool. It got them laughing. They also laughed at me because I appeared to lose my computer, my headphones, and my phone in the course of the two hours. Really, it was only my headphones that I lost at the beginning of class.I am no longer afraid of classroom teaching. Bring on four, five, or even 10 students. But no no more than 12 please. I think 12 students is my happy place as a maximum.

I have to finish up with all of my students in I’m still vain as it’s getting harder and harder to get out there. But, until I finish with those students I am also putting my hat in the ring for students who want a one off class of some sort or another. There is a student like that in the offering he wants a two hour class just to update his resume and cover letter. I am quite happy to do that. I can write a mean resume. For someone else. I can even as in the case with Felix, get them a job. Or rather help them get a job.

Over at the English center generally, the competition fork students tend to be quite fierce with four and five teachers putting their hat in the ring at any given time. I have a feeling this is going to bite the teachers in the butt at some point because there won’t be enough work. I’m also seeing this over in VIP kid land. I have been with the company three years and have the orange Hoodie to prove it. When I started and became full-time I was opening 40 teaching hours a week over seven days I was working from Sunday to Friday 4 PM to 10 PM Beijing time and Saturday from 6 PM to 10 PM Beijing time. When I took on my extra clients including Carlton and Felix, I was able to Stop working on Sundays for VIP kid. I also stopped working Saturdays but I decided that I needed one day off a week at least. So that was a decision not based on additional income I would’ve done that anyway. So now, do your readers, we are working Monday through Friday from 4-10 PM Beijing time.

Except that I’m not working the 30 hours. I’m only working about 25 if that. This represents a huge cut in pay. I am convinced that this is because the company has hired 70,000 teachers. I also think it’s going to get even worse. The Chinese government has announced that they are going to for bid children from being online from 9 o’clock to 10 o’clock Beijing time. This represents over $500 a month in lost income to me. I am now trying to Figure out how to make up that shortfall. I am hoping that the English center will have more evening private clients. Fingers crossed my friend fingers crossed.

That’s all she wrote for this incredible installment. But stay tuned. As always, there is more to come.

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