Salary Sorted and Calendar Clustercluck

What can I say about the last week at Inkreadable, but that it was more high stress than I have experience in a while. You all remember that I hadn’t been paid by last weeks post, at least not by VIPKid. This week TEC paid me on time and I didn’t have to remind them which was great. VIPKid did eventually pay me, But of course, not in time for me to update last week’s post. The payment came in in the evening on Tuesday.

In terms of my private clients, I have seen none of them this week. I am not sure that I am going to see Janice at all anymore. She has dropped off the face of the Earth and I am not sure whether she is going to come back. That seems to be the way my life goes, however. For every one person that is interested in English lessons, there are three more that have things that have come up. That includes my beloved Felix. Felix and I are on a Break, but it is a temporary break. I am actually fitting in Felix around being in Amstelveen. And on his side, he had a doctors appointment that would take him out of commission through the weekend, so we decided to scrap both lessons last week.

But my cancellation clustercluck was not due to Felix, and my scheduling issues alone. I also had three cancellations with TEC. Two of which I was paid for and one of which I was not as they canceled in time. It’s the second cancellation that boggles the mind for me. The first cancellation was because the client was sick and told me about it on the morning of the lesson. The second cancellation was for Tuesday and that was canceled because the client wanted a teacher with a British accent. For a course that emphasized writing. Yep, you heard me right. She wanted a British teacher for learning how to write business emails even though she wanted to learn American spelling. Because dear reader I know exactly what you’re going to say. “Maybe she wanted to learn how to spell words using British English. Nope, this excuse does not fly with me. As the so-called “British spelling” is nothing more than a linguist’s wish many many moons ago to make the English language look like Greek. I’m looking at you endeavour, labour and colour. And lastly, the third cancellation was an on-time cancellation that I now need to reschedule. And while I understand that these things do happen on occasion, I seem to be losing many clients for permanent lately. I just cannot catch a break.

I hope that all of this regulates quickly because to say that I am annoyed is an understatement. In other news, I took a break from writing my novel to write a blog post about living as an expat in Amsterdam. I offered to write this article, not realizing that 1500 words is quite a lot of words to talk about Internet speeds, accommodation costs, how easy it is to meet people, and the like. But, while I didn’t finish it gives me a project for the weekend.

That’s all she wrote for this Inkreadable installment. But stay tuned. As always, there is more to come.

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