Quiet Contemplation-ish

The next couple of weeks at Inkreadable promise to be pretty quiet. But not entirely. Felix is off to Algeria until 14 June and so I will have about a month with him before I leave on my own vacation. Carlton was away in Egypt last week, but I will see him later today. Given his trip to Egypt, I think I have his assignment all figured out. The plan is to have him write what he did on his trip. I think he’s going to hate it, but I’ve decided not to take this personally as it seems he doesn’t like writing at all. Or reading or history or anything else. In typical seven-year-old style, all he really wants to do is play football. I can only hope that his mother does not have to bribe him to come to sit with me for an hour.

Over at the English Center, I have a few sundry bits and pieces in June to finish up with my students before I leave in July. I think that my last class is actually on 10 July. I will have to reschedule a class for a student who was sick for both of his lessons last week. One of which is lost and I get paid for anyway. The other one was rescheduled. I am a little envious of the English Center’s policy of 48 hours notice. I wonder how they enforce it and how they get people to accept it. I do not have similar luck with my 24-hour policy. As we saw the last post, Felix very handily got around my 24-hour policy. In a rather Machiavellian way. Oh well, someday I too will be able to have a policy that people have respect for.

Janice is back on my schedule as her chickenpox seems to have abated. But we have decided to do Skype sessions as she is not able to meet easily in June. I’ve not told her that I will be gone for two weeks in July but there is time enough for that. Over in VIPKId land, things seem to proceed as normal. I did have to ask one of my students to Apple bomb me as I was concerned that I would not be able to meet to the 25% five Apple review rating in order to be considered for a raise. This wonderful little girl, who also goes by the name Apple coincidently, duly bombed me with about 30 to help my average out.

In the meantime, I have a house full of people. Another VIPKid teacher was with me this [ast weekend, and Jasper’s parents come to me for 10 days from 7 June. It promises to be a very interesting couple of weeks trying to fit in both VIPKid teaching and running around for the English center and my other students.

This past Thursday was Ascension day, and as the bookstore was closed at 6 pm, we canceled the writer’s group. So no writing other than this post happened this week.

That’s all she wrote for this Inkreadable installment. But stay tuned. As always, there is more to come.

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