Job Joy and A Writing Wringer

This week at Inkreadable turned out to be a great one. I think this may be the best of my weeks to date. Both my lessons with Felix and Carlton are beginning to gel into something that is very focused. With Felix, we are working on trying to get him employed and increasing his vocabulary so that he can have conversations in English and understand what is being said. To that end, I have asked him to find me five words that he has trouble with and bring them in so that we can analyze them. In addition, he has asked me to provide him with vocabulary lists daily. We also had our first interview role plays Friday and yesterday. Felix does a lot better in English then he gives himself credit for. It’s interesting because he comes across as extremely confident when talking about and Interviewing for a job.

Out in the suburbs, Carlton’s teacher got back to me on Friday with what the school is working now. She sent me some very helpful lists end it turns out that Carlton is working on spelling and word recognition at a year one level. Given that, I spent most of the weekend working on lessons having to do with homophones. She did say that what I was doing was quite good.

I haven’t seen Katya In what feels like a million years. It hasn’t been, but t near enough. I think it’s been three weeks. And the trend will continue well into April, as I was busy yesterday, and I’m off to London next week. But I choose to be optimistic and say that I will see Katya after I get back on Monday. If I make it home in time.

The job connection with the English center turned into an onboarding interview. So now I’m employed with them as well, as a freelancer. We’ll see if clients come my way. But all in all, I’m quite happy because the pay is double VIPKid for private lessons. Which while a touch lower than my rate, is not lower by a lot. I did tell the owner that I would love to shadow a teacher a couple times just to see how things work. She gave me some fabulous books as well and I started using them with Felix.

I have hit a writing slump. The person who was going to illustrate with me has decided that she doesn’t want to work on the project. I was upset for about two seconds. Basically, in her email, she told me that it’s not worth it for either one of us. And I don’t agree. It was extremely worth it for me. It got me writing again. I’ve decided to put aside the two versions of the story for a time and come back to them at a later date. She said that she enjoyed the back-and-forth but felt that she would be taking on the lion share of the work with translating and drawing. I didn’t point out that I have found a translator. I’m going to keep that to myself and we’ll see what happens with an illustrator.

That’s all she wrote for this Inkreadable installment. But stay tuned. As always, there is more to come.

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