Teacher Tranquil

This week at incredible was almost like a mini vacation. As is my current routine I opened 30 hours for VIP kid Monday through Friday. I will say that given my extra students it still feels strange Not to have to open Sundays up to VIP kid as well. This week was particularly Trumatic. I had to stop myself from actively opening Sunday. I probably could’ve used the extra work not to mention money. However, my mantra has become “Weekends free come hell or high water”. And while I wouldn’t say that there was hell this week There was quite a bit of flooding. There were multiple tires to be put out in the US. I mean that figuratively of course. I am from DC not California. But once the fires are put out I found myself with quite a bit of time on my hands.

Remember how I said that I was going to up my teaching game last post? Yeah that didn’t happen. Felix was away this week and so we are meeting on Monday. And while I did prepare a few lessons in advance there on the conditional tense is and I’ve got to admit that I don’t feel particularly comfortable with explaining conditionals. In addition, Carltons mom canceled on Tuesday, But luckily she did it before the 24 hour window so that I didn’t have to deal with complaints about policy. Katya also was a little bit scarce this week and I saw her on Wednesday but completely forgot to ask her about her new mobile phone. Oh well next time. In retrospect and because of all of this perhaps I should have worked for VIP kid either the last Sunday or the Sunday coming up. But I simply can’t bring myself to do it. I am enjoying having two days off in a row far too much.

It has been really good for my writing this late teaching schedule. I am well and truly invested in writing the short story that I mentioned a few posts ago. The Raiders who read this blood, will be nodding their heads probably in support. They know the struggle of starting a story, they know the trouble that they have to get the right words on the page. I may know the feeling of “oh my God, I didn’t realize it was going to go that way.” I took all of these feelings and wrote some damn fine pros. But still it Nichols at the back of the mind, “is this easy enough for second language learners?” “Will they be able to understand some of the more complex words?” “Is this short story really a vehicle for a dictionary?” In spite of this, or perhaps because of it I’m not sure which, I continue with the story and it’s shaping up quite nicely. I do find that I’m much better at description and setting a scene, or world building on a larger scale than I am at character interaction. For me that’s the constant dilemma. What my character really say/do this? And in this manner and with this town? But like all riders I put down the words and MoveOn. There will be time enough to edit later.

That’s all she wrote for this incredible installment. But stay tuned, as always, there is more to come.

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