Tech tension and An Awesome arrival

After a rather bumpy start, the trip to America was fairly uneventful. Of course, I mean that literally. The first hour and a half of the trip was played by a bit of turbulence. Other than that however it was a fairly peaceful trip. I always find the traveling to the United States is easier. I don’t react to jetlagged quite as much and can recover faster. The trip back to Amsterdam is always much more difficult. Nonetheless, I love flying. My personal challenge is always to see how many books I can finish in the eight hour ride. This Wright was three. I was not particularly interested in the movies, though Jasper probably watched about three. I’m not certain though as we don’t sit together because we both like I’ll seats. My time at the airport was not as auspicious. I lost my favorite scarf in the world. Can you tell the title of this post is a little bit facetious?

My arrival at my dads was fine in and of itself. Jet leg however Cosby wake up every morning at 2 o’clock. I’m happy to report that Saturday was a little bit better. I went to bed at nine and woke up at seven. So it took me a little time to recover but not as much as going the other way. I decided to teach on Thursday and open upThree hours to teaching. One and a half of which were booked. I gave two of the classes and I couldn’t hear the students very well at all. I am not sure if it was me or them as I am able to watch Netflix on the lake in my bedroom with not much of a problem. But this does not bode well for the rest of the trip. On Saturday I went to Jasper’s house and managed to teach Sunday and Monday without a problem. But was a little bit stressed out about that as well as Jasper has been having issues well at his parents.

If this is how I’m going to spend the next month here in America it does not bode well for my stress level. As you all know I got a teacher IT on the 22 November when both my Internet and my hotspot went down for 20 minutes. Happy Thanksgiving to me! I’m trying to figure out what options I have as America doesn’t give very much mobile Wi-Fi with pay as you go plans. $85 gives you mobile hotspot usage of 10 GB. In the Netherlands it is illegal to dictate how one uses onesData. I can use my 50 GB of mobile data anyway that I want. Apparently this is not the case in America though I am not certain of the laws. Is it too late to go home to Amsterdam?

The good news from the other side of the pond is that I have a new student in Amsterdam. He is seven and needs help with math and reading. His mom did not bat an eye when I quoted a 45-year-old price tag for my lessons. I am extremely excited about that.

That’s all she wrote for this incredible installment. But stay tuned, as always there is more to come.

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